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The 27th February 1917
The 27th February 1917
The 27th February 1917
Russian Empire / February Revolution
12th March 1917 (27th Febr. Old Style)
(The Petrograd Garrison joins with the workers).

“The 27th February 1917”.

The 27th February 1917
Revulutionäre Demonstration im Februar 1917
October 1917
Stillleben, 1917
Northern France 1917
Allies Day, May 1917
Gruppenbild Soldaten Stettin 1917
German Infantry Aircraft, 1917 at the Somme
Red Guards, 1917
Ardoye in Flanders, 27 June 1917
Un coin de Monastir après un bombardement, Juin 1917
Cartes postales satyriques dédiées a la monarchie renversée en 1917